monday mantra


I’m hugging my latte a little more tightly than usual this morning. Normally I blame it on a productive evening of late-night blogging, but the truth is I was asleep about five minutes after Downton Abbey  finished last night. Perhaps it’s the overcast  skies, or maybe just the fact that it’s Monday… but this morning was one of those I felt like I could sleep until, oh, forever.

I did manage to get my tired body out of bed for a 4 mile run though–which is making this latte that much more enjoyable. And necessary.

Have a fabulous start to your week, my friends!

Coffee talk: Thoughts on Season 4 of Downton Abbey? It’s gotten off to a slow start… but the hubs and I are clearly not bothered too much by it because we continue to be glued to the television every Sunday. That being said, I’m so happy Anna and Mr. Bates are finally on the mend–and slightly terrified about just what he’s going to do next. Hopefully there’s some excitement in the weeks to come!

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  • Ughhh I had a terrible monday too. Zero sleep and a 3.5 hour exam. Let’s just say I slept a lot last night to make up for it. Amen to zzzz time!

  • I get a little bored with Downton compared to the other series I am watching like Homeland and Breaking Bad, but I do still enjoy it as a Sunday night ritual. I was so happy that Bates and Anna ended the episode in a better place too.

  • Me and the boy have been loving it, finally caught up to live showing here. Enjoying being able to finally pay attention to everyone talking about it on social media

  • I’ve never watched that show! I’ve heard a lot about it, though! Coffee has been a great way to warm up in the mornings.

  • I relish the days I don’t have to take my coffee on the bus, and I can sit at my computer and read the news and/or blogs, or watch an episode of something I missed. There’s something to be said about sitting at home in your pjs, cradling a warm cup of joe.

  • Amen to both coffee and Downtown Abbey. I love them both!

    I was actually just watching an old episode of Parks and Rec with The Boyfriend last night. April asked Donna, “what’s your favorite book?” Donna responded, “Downtown Abbey.” April said, “but that’s not a —” “Downtown Abbey.” lol That line made me laugh so hard!

  • I’ve been watching, but I think the show has lost its magic for me. The Bates/Anna storyline now is just too ugly for me since I still haven’t forgiven them for the ending to last season! =)

  • I’m still stuck at the beginning of season 3… I came across some spoilers and now I’m too afraid to watch! Haha Though I don’t believe season 4 has started airing here yet…

    And yes, I do agree, coffee is always a good idea! ;)

  • I too am relieved that Anna and Mr. Bates have reconciled! I couldn’t bear to watch them go on like that any longer. I agree with you though that Mr. Bates is not over with this ordeal and am nervous about what he may do in terms of jeopardizing his and Anna’s future. And cheers to more coffee! Enjoy your week. :) It is freeeeezing here in Ohio, 11 degrees today by me, yuck.

  • I’ve never watched that show! I definitely need to start. Coffee is so delicious and perfect — Mondays just don’t feel right without it. When I learned a cup a day was actually beneficial for your health I think I literally squealed with excitement!