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Nutritionella workout of the week 4

James Bond Lunges | Bicep Curls | Squat Jumps | Burpees | Tricep Push-ups

Just when you thought I forgot about the workout of the week… BOOM. Here’s an awesome workout to get the weekend started!

A few things: 1) You can thank ZWOW for those James Bond Lunges. They’re fun… until those thighs start to burn. 2) I love bicep curls in case you haven’t realized. 3) Feel free to omit the push-up with those burpees. I found it plenty challenging just lowering to the floor and getting back up without them. 4) Triceps are sexy. If you’re reversing the order in Round 2, see if you can do all 20 at once.

Get after it, and have a fantastic weekend, lovelies!

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