lentil sweet potato & baby spinach stew

lentil sweet potato stew 3

lentil sweet potato stew 2

Spending 3 weeks in Italy eating nothing but cured meats, cheeses, homemade pasta and drinking wine left me with a serious hankering for vegetables last week. Vegetables and lentils, precisely.

I’m new to cooking with saffron but just have to say, whatever ridiculous price Whole Foods overcharged me for a pinch of saffron -it was worth it- and I’m going back for more.

With the exception of one serving spared for my new husband, I ate the entire pot in a matter of 3 days. Man did that get my digestion back on track after 3 weeks of traveling. I almost feel like I hoarded it to myself but in my defense the hubs went out of town for work for a night and well, by the time he got back it was too late. Sorry, husband.

What I love most? This stew was fully cooked and full of flavor in under an hour. Under an hour! The orange veggies add the perfect amount of sweet to balance the spice without a pinch of added sugar. It’s certainly going onto our rotating list of favorites and next time I’m doubling the batch so we have extra for freezing and maybe an extra bowl for the hubs.

Saffron – suggestions for finding it for a reasonable price? 

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