photo diary: when in italy taste wine, and lots of it


Wine tasting1

Wine tasting2

Wine tasting3

Wine tasting4

the wine spread // lounging with Libby // celebrating the better-late-than-never arrival of our dear friends who’s 4 mile run turned into 4 hours // my fam + hubs-to-be // our fams together

There are few things better in life than being surrounded by friends and family. In Italy. Pair that with lounging in the sunshine while sipping a glass of wine and that’s pretty much heaven. The afternoon of our celebration dinner (FYI, Italians don’t do rehearsals) the hubs-to-be organized a fun a backyard wine tasting for our guests featuring local Umbrian wines -and of course, five or six different types of cured meats, cheeses and lots of fresh baguettes. Indulging in refined carbs, wine and salty meats the day before your wedding? I likely broke just about every bride-to-be food rule ever written but I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Married ladies, did you follow any food rules the days leading up to your wedding?

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