Power Greens Breakfast Skillet

Cast iron pans are one of those kitchen essentials I’d pay twice as much for. If you haven’t ever noticed, cast iron pans are cheap. Cheap and amazing.

It’s almost too good to be true, really. But it’s not… so let’s keep that between you and me, mmmkay?


If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to dig your fork into a cast iron skillet and eat right out of the pan, you’re well aware of the wonders it does for food–and the entire eating experience.

For my fellow food bloggers, cast iron also has an amazing ability to make even the sloppiest dish look romantically rustic. I mean, sautéed greens, caramelized onions and fried eggs? They’d never look this sexy in a Teflon pan.

Okay, enough about the pan. Let’s have a moment for the power greens, caramelized onion, egg and Parmesan cheese craziness that happened last weekend.

Just a moment though, because that’s about as long as it took the hubs and I to devour it.

This time I used a mix of baby kale, spinach and swiss chard–but I’ve made it before with regular old kale and baby spinach. No matter what or which way you sauté it, it’s amazing.

The hardest part about making this skillet is having the patience to let the onions caramelize. I promise it’s worth the wait, but after making this a few times, I now caramelize enough to make 2 or 3 skillets-worth. The onions keep for 5-7 days in the fridge (maybe longer–I’m not willing to find out) and come back to life after just a minute or two in a hot pan. With the onions done ahead of time, you could whip one of these bad boys up in 10 minutes flat.

After clashing forks over the last egg, the hubs and I decided next time, we each need our own mini power greens skillets. And a nap afterwards to digest.


Keep that in mind if you intend to share yours. Chances are you’ll be using those extra onions sooner than you planned!

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