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ATE Workout of the Week 11

Tuck Jump | Squat Hold + Bicep Curl | Modified Tricep Push-up | Burpee | Lateral Lunge

I’m not sure what I love more about traveling, the excitement and adventure of it, or coming back home with a renewed appreciation for my normal routine.

Over the past ten days I flew nearly 8,000 miles, traveled to four different cities & towns, visited eighteen of my closest friends & family, celebrated two birthdays and one wedding and put in a 40 hour workweek.

Needless to say, I’m hitting the coffee pot hard this morning after 8 hours of travel and a 3 hour time change already today.

My plan of attack for making it through today:

  • Stay awake for all of my meetings and put a serious dent in my to-do list at work
  • Bust out this 20 minute workout as soon as I get home
  • Take a hot shower & put on my PJs
  • Defrost some veggie quinoa chocolate chili for dinner
  • Unpack
  • Start a load of laundry
  • Fall into bed

The weather in Boston was pretty heinous early last week so I dug up some dumbbells in my brother’s basement and came up with this quickie workout while I was there. It’s pretty straightforward but gets the job done–which is actually perfect for a busy Monday! I hope you enjoy it.

Have a busy weekend too? What’s your game plan for making it through the day?

Have a great and sweaty start to your week, friends!

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  • I find the simplest exercises are generally the most effective. It’s nice to get down and dirty for only 20 minutes and feel like you got a full body workout! I live in Boston and you’re right- the weather has been so sucky!

  • This is an awesome quick workout. I will have to bust it out once my shoulder isn’t hurting anymore (all stress related says the doc… thanks doc).

    I love traveling because of the people watching! I Iove the time in the air without wifi (we don’t have it in the air in Canada yet) and I love the hotels and fancy new places, but then I love coming home too.

    You can do it! You will feel so refreshed in a few days

  • Wow, you did a lot of traveling. I took a red-eye flight to Florida from California on Saturday night and am visiting my parents right now. I didn’t get much sleep the flight night, but got a full 10 hours last night and so was able to fit in a good workout today!