The Best Lemon Bar Tart

It’s not too early for dessert, is it? Good. Grab a glass of milk and join me.

Lemon Bar Tart by According to Elle 5

Lemon Bar Tart by According to Elle 8

A couple of weeks ago the hubs requested “something lemon” for his special birthday dessert. One year I baked him a homemade lemon cake complete with buttercream frosting and candles, but this year the lemon bar-lover in me just couldn’t hold back.

I admit––the lemon bar, like cheesecake, was one of those desserts I turned my nose up to as a child. Back then, if it didn’t have chocolate in it, it wasn’t dessert.

You’re probably thinking, “That poor child! So many lost years of lemon bars and cheesecake.” Really though, it’s not as tragic as it sounds. I’m thoroughly enjoying making up for lost time.

Lemon Bar Tart by According to Elle 3

But really this dessert was for the birthday boy. Not me. No, not at all.

Since rectangular lemon bars don’t really look like a birthday dessert, I decided to experiment with a version that could be sliced and served like a cake.

Lemon Bar Tart by According to Elle 2

Luckily, that worked out. Like really well.

The shortbread crust for this lemon bar tart is perfect, and the lemon filling will leave you puckering for more.

It even slices like a dream… You just have to put just a little muscle into it.

Lemon Bar Tart by According to Elle 9

I have a feeling this will be a new birthday tradition in our house, which my adult tastebuds are certainly excited about.

PS. My other favorite bar to eat and one for entertaining.

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