Simple Homemade Granola

Simple homemade granola recipe 3

My love for simple homemade granola began back when I was in grad school. It’s so easy, tastes way better than store-bought stuff and saves some serious cash. I used to pack up a single serving and make myself a parfait in class every.single.morning. And for 2 1/2 years it never got old.

Back then a batch would last me a couple of weeks, but after marrying my granola-hungry husband I was lucky if it lasted 5 days.

Simple homemade granola recipe 2

I suppose I could have just started making double batches, but I wanted a recipe that used an entire container of oats.

Yes, I strangely find satisfaction in finishing up opened containers of food. Is that weird?

Simple homemade granola recipe 1

More granola, more real estate in my kitchen cabinets and the satisfaction of adding that empty container to the recycle bin? I never thought this recipe could get any better, but it just did.

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