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ATE Workout of the Week 10

Forward Hop + Shuffle Back | Reverse lunge + Front Raise | Side Lunge + Shoulder Press | Goblet Squat | Push-up-Position Hammer Curls

Well hello there! It’s been a couple of weeks since the last workout of the week, but now that the rebrand is done, we’re back on schedule! WOOHOO! I did this one a few weeks back and am headed outside in a bit to do it again before taking a walk urban hike to the farmer’s market. It’s not super intense like some of the others, but if you go for 6 rounds I promise you’ll be tired!

A couple of notes:

  • Forward hops should be explosive. Jump as far as you can and hurry back to where you started.
  • For the side lunge + shoulder press, you can choose to press just 1 or both dumbbells up as you return to standing. Both will definitely get your heart rate up!
  • I found using a slightly heavier weight for the Push-up Position Hammer Curls is actually more comfortable on your hands––and if you have the option, go for the rubber/plastic coated dumbbells rather than the metal ones.

Also, I’ve recently started dabbling in kettlebells at the gym and want to start incorporating them into these workouts. I think focusing on 1 new kettlebell move each week might be a great way to ease into them. Would you be into it?

Have a fabulous and sweaty start to your Saturday!

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