Welcome, Baby Inès!

She’s here! Meet our sweet baby girl, Inès Marie, born on Saturday, October 28th at 10:42 pm. She was a punctual peanut, arriving the evening after her due date, measuring 19 inches long and weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces — nearly two pounds less than her big brother!

I know we’re still in the sleepy newborn stage, but for the past ten days, Inès has been the most lovely little snuggle bug. Other than having an empty tummy or gassy belly, she barely makes a peep! I feel so fortunate Inès instantly got the hang of nursing and has been spoiling us with 3-4 hour stretches of sleep between feeds at night since Day 3.

Inès is adapting to her new surroundings like a champ. The rest of us though — well, we’re all still adjusting. Big brother Noah is taking all of this in stride, but it’s been tough for him to share the spotlight and snuggles with his baby sister. He’s been lovely with Inès but has undoubtedly challenged hubs and I this past week. File “toddler transition” under the things no one tells you about until you introduce a new baby into the mix! Luckily, my mom is visiting us through the end of the month, so we have an extra set of helping hands around! In addition to the delicious meals, baby burping, diaper changes and laundry she’s been helping with, having my mom here has allowed the hubs and me to give Noah the extra love and attention he needs right now. I don’t doubt he’ll be an incredible big brother to his little sis once he gets used to having her around.

Needless to say, our hands and hearts have never been so full. Welcome to the family, baby Inès!

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