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Quinoa chili4

Chocolate really does make everything better – even chili. I realized this quite accidentally while on a road trip to Phoenix last month with my friend Libby. Since then, I’ve made this chili twice and, I am ashamed to say it, but I never shared the recipe. Terrible, I know… but the truth is this chili has gotten me through a very busy couple of months. My mom called me today to report she inherited a bag of quinoa from the neighbors (who doesn’t like quinoa?) and couldn’t find this recipe on the blog’s new recipe page. Well, now you know why. All I can say is good things come to those who wait… Nagging a little helps too, though.

Quinoa chili3

Quinoa chili2

If you’ve never put chocolate in your chili, I dare you to try. If your tastebuds are anything like mine -small and pink- they’ll never want chili any other way.

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