shallot & spinach crimini mushroom risotto

I’ve been on quite a risotto kick lately. Apparently I’m determined to use up the entire bag of Arborio rice that’s been sitting in the pantry before the big move in a couple of weeks. The thing I love about risottos is they’re easy -time consuming, yes- but easy… and a great way to wow the hubs-to-be after a long day of apartment hunting. We settled onto the couch in our pjs with a glass of wine and a big bowl of risotto in our laps and shamelessly watched two episodes of Downton Abbey the other night. It was wonderful.


Oh and as if I needed another excuse to shop at Whole Foods, I’m obsessed with their new brown paper produce bags. Maybe they’re not new and it’s just a California thing… Regardless, paper totes are much more romantic than those terrible plastic bags that are nearly impossible to open and aren’t compost-friendly.

Mushroom spinach risotto2

Mushroom spinach risotto1

Mushroom spinach risotto3

Mushroom spinach risotto4

As far as risottos go, this one’s definitely on the healthier side with all of the spinach, mushrooms, shallots and not one pat of butter. Have I mentioned to you that Parm, my favorite cheese in the world, is also high in calcium? I love, love, love these flavors together, especially the fresh, earthy spinach that’s added right at the end.


Have any favorite ingredient combos for a future risotto dish? I’m still working my way through that bag of Arborio.

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