tomatillo enchiladas

Tomatillo enchilada06

Does anyone actually like corn tortillas more than flour ones? Because I don’t -and this recipe confirms that.

Corn tortilla enchiladas are wonderful at hole-in-the wall Mexican restaurants but the few times I’ve tried making them I’ve been incredibly disappointed. Imagine opening the oven to a pan of hot enchiladas covered in bubbling cheese and creamy tomatillo sauce only to be left with a pile of soggy, flavorless tortillas that disintegrate before hitting the plate.

Last weekend I gave my tomatillo enchiladas one more shot and this time I did something crazy -I used flour tortillas. Better yet, I pan-fried flour tortillas. Why the heck didn’t I think of this before?

Tomatillo collage 1

The one reason I didn’t give up on this dish? The tomatillo sauce.

By nature enchiladas are a bit of work but this sauce makes up for it, I promise. The tomatillo sauce is creamy, fresh, healthy and man is it easy. The key is getting your hands on quality, jarred tomatillo salsa -free of preservatives and thickeners- and blending it up with some super ripe avocado, fresh cilantro and low-fat Greek yogurt. The extra jalapeño is totally optional depending on how hot you like it. I recommend tasting first before adding any additional heat since each salsa is different.

Tomatillo enchilada01

Tomatillo collage 2

Tomatillo enchilada07

The hubs-to-be and I each scarfed down two of these the other night and had to restrain one another from going back for seconds. Luckily the recipe made eight so we were able to justify leaving the last four to enjoy as leftovers.

I don’t think that would have been the case if the recipe only made six though…

Tortillas: flour or corn?

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  • These look heavenly. I can’t wait to make them! I do love corn tortillas, though… I think the fact that my mom grew up in Mexico and won’t touch a flour tortilla if it’s the last food on Earth has influenced this ;)
    I miss your logo! Where’d she go??

  • I actually do like corn tortillas better, but I’ve never made them, always buy them. They remind me of growing up – my grandma made the best quesadillas. I adore tomatillo sauce – these enchiladas look delicious!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE corn tortillas! The trick is buy them from a Mexican restaurant or grocer where they are made fresh. Buying them packaged is gross.

    For enchiladas I heat them up on the stove so they’re a little bit crisp, but still easy to roll. Before I put the sauce and cheese on top I put them in the oven to toast them up a little. Delicious!

  • I’m a Texan, and there’s always a huge divide between corn, and flour tortillas here. I’m actually a huge fan of white corn tortillas. They just bring such an authenticity to Mexican cuisine. Most times, I’ll go for flour, though. They definitely taste better.

    These look great! I noticed you used a cast-iron skillet for your frying, do you know what kind you have? I’m in the market for a new one :).

  • I’m such a big enchilada fan but I’ve never made them with tomatillo sauce before! I am not sure I would have been able to resist going back for seconds, enchiladas are one of those food items that I always have more room for ;)

  • Haha I actually LOVE corn tortillas…but I always buy them haha.

    Tomatillo sauce is one of my favorite things on earth, my mom’s is the stuff of my dreams mmmm. These look delicious!