fab arms for the buff bride

I can’t believe how quickly our wedding is approaching – we’re officially less than one month out from our big day in Italy! Unfortunately, moving cross-country just two months before the wedding has meant not stepping foot into a gym since February. I’ve done well at staying active and getting my sweat on most days of the week but admit my arm toning and strength workouts have been lacking. Thankfully my trusty five-pound weights arrived in the moving truck last Monday which means it’s time to get serious.

Jacquelyn, one of my fav fitness bloggers and NASM Certified Personal Trainer put together a week of arm workouts to turn me into a buff bride. The workouts she put together target all of the major muscle groups -biceps, triceps, deltoids, middle back, lower traps and lats- so not one arm, back or shoulder muscle will be spared from the burn.

My toning plan involves doing these 3 workouts each week for the next month – spacing them out with a rest day between. The best part? The workouts require only light weights and/or body weight so I can keep up the routine even while we’re in Italy the week leading up to our big day. Wine bottle bicep curls, anyone?

Arm workout for bride

I completed Day 2 yesterday and actually collapsed out of my last 2 side planks after 20 seconds. Needless to say applying eyeliner since then has certainly been interesting. Thanks for putting this week of workouts together for me, dear! If you haven’t yet met Jacquelyn, go check out her blog and say hi! She posts awesome workouts, beauty tips and photos of her beloved Moose -arguably one of the cutest dogs ever. Enjoy!

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