new job reveal

It’s been absolutely killing me to keep quiet about my new job because it is one of those -dare I say- dream jobs that come along once in oh, almost never. When I first heard about it, I forwarded my fiancé the job description almost instantly and confessed I had never wanted a job so bad. Its true. The two jobs I had out of college I took because they were close to my house and paid the bills. But this one -this one was special.

And now I can finally tell you.


I’m the official MyFitnessPal Registered Dietitian!

Somebody pinch me. Not only am I the Registered Dietitian for the #1 health application, I’m doing what I love and getting paid for it.

As if that’s not awesome enough, MyFitnessPal was recently voted as the 4th Best (small) Place to Work in San Francisco -and after only three days I can see why. The team is incredible. Over-the-top inspiring. The best of the best and man are they sweet! The perks are amazing -as in I get to wear jeans to work- the office is stocked with healthy snacks and we have two treadmill workstations. Gone are the days of being stuck sitting at my desk for nine straight hours! MyFitnessPal practices what they preach which is something I admire and really excites me about this company.

So what will I be doing? They brought me on board as the in-house nutrition expert. I’ll be helping the team with a number of exciting projects which users will start to see over the next few months. Until then it’s pretty hush-hush. ;)

And now it’s time to get ready for work! If you’re not familiar with MyFitnessPal –check it out! I thought this review nicely sums up what the app offers its community members.

Have a fabulous day!

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