The National Half Marathon: 13.1 Miles Around the Capitol

I don’t know about you but I’ve had a productive Saturday!  This morning 6 of my girlfriends and I ran the National Half MarathonWe rocked out and all finished in under 2 hours!  I’m so proud of us!

IMG_0101 (1280x956) (2)

The race went by so fast.  I ran it with my friend from college, Karen.  This is our third half marathon together, and guess what, it was our fastest, too!

IMG_0113 (1280x956)

My goal was to run as fast or faster than my first half marathon. According to my watch, we finished in 1:56:43, which is 3 seconds faster than my first! I beat my personal best by 3 seconds… at least I can say I’m consistent!

Here’s a snapshot of the route and elevation of the course. noname

noname (1)

Running around D.C. was super fun.  The weather was great and the sights were incredible! I took these photos with my iPhone while running.

IMG_0105 (1280x956)IMG_0106 (956x1280)

Yesterday, the girls and I road-tripped from Chapel Hill to Bethesda, MD, where Jill’s parents live.  They graciously let us invade their home (and refrigerator) this weekend! After lunch yesterday, we took the Metro down to the Armory to pick up our race packets and do some shopping at the Expo.

IMG_4661 (1280x853)IMG_4662 (1280x853)IMG_4665 (1280x853)

IMG_4667 (1280x853)

Inside the race packets were a whole bunch of things but most importantly, our t-shirts and racing bib.

IMG_4675 (1280x853)IMG_4678 (1280x853)

I decided to be playful and put my nickname on mine since I deserve credit for being the oldest in the group.  This one is a keeper.

IMG_4669 (1280x853)

After the Expo, we headed home to Jill’s where her mom was putting together a lovely spaghetti dinner for us.  We loaded up on salad, spaghetti and homemade meat sauce.

IMG_4683 (1280x853)

In the spirit of carb-loading, I had 2 huge plates of spaghetti. I love any excuse to go back for seconds… and this was too good to pass up.

IMG_4684 (1280x853)

Preparations began months ago with some serious, weekend training runs.  If you missed them, check out the recaps!

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Well, it’s time for a much deserved burger and beer. Karen and her fiancé, Ben, are having a cookout this afternoon to celebrate our amazing run this morning.  I’m off to relax and refuel!  Have a great afternoon!

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