National Half Marathon Part II: More Fun Photos

Hi, again!  The girls and I got an early start heading back to Chapel Hill this morning after a very fun weekend and amazing 1/2 marathon yesterday!  We obviously can’t sit still for more than a few hours, even after running 13.1 miles yesterday, so we are rushing home for more sporty activities this afternoon: intramural soccer and sand volleyball.  Chasing a soccer ball around might be a little difficult this afternoon  but this isn’t a game we can miss.  Can you believe “The We Hate Juice Team” is in the indoor soccer semi finals?  I can’t… but I’m excited to play!

Since there’s not much cooking going on this weekend, I’ll leave you with some more photos of our National Half Marathon adventure.  Enjoy! 

1.  Lauren and I shamelessly eating Blizzards for breakfast on our road trip up to D.C. on Friday morning.  I heart DQ. 


2. Jillian, the Laurens and I doing some shopping at the Expo on Friday afternoon


3.  “This seemed like a good idea 3 months ago.”  Only a runner could have designed this t-shirt.


4.  Yay, I found Anne at the Expo!  I was still shopping, obviously.


5.  The official race billboard.  Yep, we ran through history. 


6.  6:15am on race day.  The look on my face = “Wait, this isn’t a 5K?”


7.  Getting ready to head to the start line.  Lookin’ good ladies!



8.  Lauren and Jillian having a post-race moment.  They are our speed demons and both did amazing!  Congrats, girls!


9. Mylar blanket bear hug from Lauren = so cozy.  Love. 


10.  Post-run prom photo… per usual.


11.  Lauren & Jillian: 2 thumbs up for a great race! 


12.  One last celebratory photo.  I love these girls. 


Have a great rest of the weekend!

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