Smoky Black Bean Tortilla Soup

I’ve had two things on my black bean to-do list: use dried instead of canned and create a kick-ass black bean soup recipe in time for football season.

black bean soup5_edited-1black bean soup6

Done and done.

Black bean tortilla soup is one of those foods that just does it for me. It’s salty, savory, packed with protein and fiber and feels indulgent, but isn’t. The perfect black bean soup has a little kick to it, and ample fresh avocado, Greek yogurt and crispy tortilla strips for mixing in. As far as consistency goes, the thicker the better because when served alongside a pile of nachos or bowl of tortilla chips, it doubles as a tasty black bean dip.

Dried bean newbies, don’t be deterred. If you’re in a hurry you can probably make do with canned beans as well but I promise, if I can make a delicious soup with dried beans, so can you. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need an overnight soak. All you need is a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon, say while you’re watching some football, and possibly also making some nachos.

I’ve already done the math for you. Blending about half of the beans with some broth will give you that thick, bean dip-esque consistency without turning the whole pot into bean purée. Adding 1 Chipotle pepper &  adobo sauce gives it a mild, smoky spice. Going for two kicks it up to medium. And freezing the leftover chipotles & Adobo sauce in two small plastic bags lets you get three batches of soup, or a least another couple of recipes, from one small can.

And about the tortilla in the smoky black bean tortilla soup… DIY tortilla strips are about as easy, and delicious, as it gets. I thinly sliced 3, small tortillas, pan fried them in a smidge of olive oil until they got crispy and lightly sprinkled them with sea salt. Just try not to eat them all before your soup is done–like I did–because then you’ll have to make more.

Black bean soup tortilla strips

It was so freaking good I can’t get enough! This weekend I’ll be doubling the batch and freezing some for healthy, weeknight meals or possibly an impromptu Sunday football party with nachos and bean dip.

Black bean soup: Love it too? Like it spicy or mild?

P.S. My other favorite healthy, Sunday afternoon football food

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  • Made this for dinner tonight with only 1 chipotle chile, and it was plenty hot for our tastes. It is delicious and filling and I will definitely make it again (maybe with 3/4 of a chile. Thanks for a good recipe.

  • seriously easy & delicious!! I probably totally missed this… But where does paprika fit in? I just added it with the cumin. I can’t stop licking the pot!

  • I have a bag of black beans sitting in my pantry that I just bought a week or 2 ago… I think it’s fate. Black bean soup might just be my all-time favorite soup.

  • Too funny! This is almost exactly my mom’s recipe for black bean soup! Literally the only difference is she uses 1 chipotle instead of 2. And I’m pretty sure she cheated with canned beans : )

  • I LOVE black bean soup! And I’m a die hard dry bean lover- saves so much money (in the long run) and sodium.

  • So excited that you used dried beans! I just moved to Venezuela, and that’s all they have here, so I’m definitely going to try this!

  • I LOVE how simple this is. I’ve never cooked with dried beans, but I know they’re way more economical…so I’m definitely gonna give this a try! Drooling over that tortilla topping :)