why you should always take your fortune cookie

Good morning! Before I tell you why you should always take your fortune cookie, I want to say a huge thank you for all of your sweet comments and congratulations on the new job! I’m officially into my second week and still cannot believe I get to wake up and go to my dream job every morning.… though the work is starting to pile up so I”m sure the reality of it will soon hit me.

Funny story -one that I’ve also been keeping from you. What can I say? I like to be mysterious.

So, the night I received the written job offer the hubs-to-be took me out for an impromptu celebratory dinner. We walked over to a cute Chinese restaurant in our neighborhood that neither of us had tried yet. For those of you doubting my choice of words -yes, I did just say cute & Chinese restaurant in the same sentence. We ordered up the traditional sesame chicken, brown rice and broccoli and toasted to being the most fortunate soon-to-be newlyweds on the planet. Once we had scraped our plates clean, the waiter dropped off our check, one paper box of leftovers and two fortune cookies for Rob and I.

While I don’t love fortune cookies, I do love trying to make sense of silly and sometimes senseless fortunes. Wouldn’t you know, my fortune was neither of those.

Avoid unchallenging occupations fortune edited 1

Ok, so my fortune didn’t come with a cute chevron background but I promise you, the message was the same. I sat there for a few seconds with my mouth hanging wide open before Rob asked to read it.

Being offered such an amazing job has me excited -thrilled beyond belief- but I will admit part of me felt a bit intimidated to suddenly be the Registered Dietitian behind the #1 health app. After all, I am a newly Registered Dietitian, fresh out of school, and have a lot to learn yet… but this silly little fortune reminded me I have what it takes.

It’s rare but sometimes fortune cookies say just what you need to hear -which is why you should always take yours and why I’ll never, for the rest of my life, leave an unread fortune behind.

Fortune cookies: eat them or just read them?

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