Mini Eggnog Cheesecakes

Mini Eggnog Cheesecake 5

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t trying to use up this container of eggnog in the fridge before we head out of town. I know–it’s a tough job–but somebody’s got to do it.

In addition to adding eggnog to my morning bowl of oats (which is AWESOME, BTW) I’m now also baking it into desserts. Not just any dessert though–my favorite kind of dessert of all time: cheesecake.

Mini Eggnog Cheesecake 3

My latest revelation: mini cheesecakes are pretty much the ideal dessert for small gatherings because 1) like most miniature things, they’re completely adorable; 2) they’re ridiculously easy, and 3) no one is left with 9,000 calories-worth of leftover cheesecake in their fridge after an already indulgent evening. On top of that I’ve realized if you arrive at a party bearing cheesecake people automatically assume you have a God-given culinary talent. Well, multiply that x100 when you have a tray of mini eggnog cheesecakes in hand.

If you have eggnog already in the fridge and need an easy dessert to impress fellow guests at a holiday gathering over the next couple of weeks, look no further.

Mini Eggnog Cheesecake 7

Cheesecake does have a reputation for for being finicky, mostly when it comes to rapid changes in temperature–not that I can blame it) but once you have the basics down it’s pretty simple to master. Mini ones are actually easier and less likely to crack, so they’re perfect for beginners. Before you go running to the fridge to claim the last bit of eggnog, get yourself a proper pan (I have and highly recommend this one) and read over these 5 tips for perfect mini cheesecakes.

5 Tips for Making Mini Cheesecakes

1. Don’t use light or fat-free cream cheese. They just contain a bunch of fillers that, in my opinion, negate any claims they make about being healthier. Miniature cheesecakes are portion-controlled, so go for the real stuff!
2. Use room temperature everything: eggs, cream cheese and eggnog
3. Don’t over-beat your eggs. Doing so will only add unwanted air into the batter. Fresh eggs are always best since the whites get watery over time.
4. Bake until centers are just set but still jiggly. 18 minutes seem to be the sweet spot in my oven. Cracks usually mean you’ve either gone overboard beating your batter, overcooked your cheesecake or the oven temp was too high.
5. Don’t rush the cooling process. This cooling method seems to work best for mini versions: 5 minutes with oven off and door closed, 5 minutes with oven cracked, 30-45 minutes on the counter followed by 2-3 hours in the fridge.

Mini Eggnog Cheesecake 2

A special thanks to my friends at the American Egg Board and The Good Egg Project for sponsoring this egg-licious holiday dessert recipe!

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