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A few recent fitness favs to get your weekend off to a sweaty start!

1. 2-4-6-8-10 Workout – I’ve been loving pyramid workouts the past couple weeks. This one is a quick full-body number that has you do 2 reps of each move, then 4, then 6, 8, and finish with 10! I think next time I’ll try it in reverse… I’ve always been a fan of getting the tough stuff over with first. (Fitnessista)

2. Lean Arms Pyramid – A killer Tone It Up arm workout I did this week. Make it a plateau and add 50 shoulder presses with 3-5 pound weights after the tummy tucks! (Tone It Up)

3. 30 Minute Body Weight Tabata – This one’s a bruiser. And I secretly want Nicole’s workout wardrobe. She somehow makes sweating look glamorous! (Pumps & Iron)

4. Self.com’s Top Workout Tracks – So I recently discovered Spotify. I know. “Welcome to 2007,” you’re saying, right? I admit, it takes me a little while to catch on to certain things, particularly trendy technology. I was sold on Spotify the second I realized you can create playlists. It’s like modern-day mix tape. Only better. Here are 100 high-energy tracks to keep us movin’ & groovin’ through those tough workouts. (Spotify)

5. The Ultimate Gym Bag – Good news, I can finally join a gym! I have plans to check out a couple of nice ones downtown next week and Lindsay conveniently introduced me to these amazing bags yesterday. The laptop pouch sold me. They’re perfect for the commuting, working (out) girl. (Live Well 360)

6. How I Learned to Love Exercise – A fabulous article on one woman’s journey to learn to love exercise. I bookmarked it way back and have gone back to read it a couple of times. Favorite quote: “We’re cultivating your lifelong relationship with movement.” That is so key in making exercise fun and sustainable! (Elle.com)

Exercise: Love it or are you still cultivating your relationship?  I’m a lover now but I’m feeling inspired to write a piece about my struggle to get there as well.

Happy Weekend!

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  • That is the ultimate gym bag – I love the straps for the yoga mat. The learning to love exercise piece is great. I completely agree with the mental shift aspect of the article. What your mind feels makes such a difference when it comes to physical activity. Thanks for sharing!

    • It’s it amazing? I love the separate compartment for smelly shoes and sweaty workout gear. Oh and of course the easy access flap for my electronics. Glad you liked the article. The same thing resonated with me as well.

  • I am really looking forward to an inspirational piece about exercise! I definitely go in phases. I love to garden so March – October I spend all my post-work & post-commute time in the garden until it’s dark and/or I need to make dinner, so dedicated “exercise” time suffers. It’s finally starting to get dark (and the garden is more or less done for the year) so I’m thinking about heading back to the gym after work now….

    • Sounds like a great plan. I’m definitely more of a gym-goer in the darker months of the year, which is good because I do new exercises, try new group classes and strengthen/tone other body parts in the process!

  • Great tips thank you. I go through ups and downs with exercise. Right now I’m really into running but with the weather getting darker I think I need to explore home/gym work outs to be safer.