green beans with caramelized shallots

Parmesan toasted almond green beans2

Parmesan toasted almond green beans3

Parmesan toasted almond green beans1

Green beans can be very hit or miss–kind of like avocados. So many times I’ve gone to grab a big bunch at the grocery store only to look close and find a sad pile of wilted, discolored beans. Ya know what I’m talking about? Well, last weekend at the farmer’s market was not one of those times. I found the most beautiful, crisp green beans–possibly of my entire life–and hurriedly bagged an entire pound before anyone caught on to how perfect they were.

Little did I know one pound wouldn’t be nearly enough for the hubs and I to share without a fork fight over the last one.

The best thing about green beans is how low maintenance they are–minus trimming the tough ends, but that’s what kids or husbands or roommates are for, right? I mean, if they’re going to eat them, the least they can do is trim the ends.

Sautéed shallots, shredded Parmesan and toasted almonds and 15 minutes – that’s all you need to make any plate look and taste ridiculously gourmet.

Depending on how much you like green beans, the recipe generously serves 2, but could totally be portioned for 3, or maybe even 4 if you need to be polite and share.

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