coconut bean wild rice burrito

After an overly indulgent weekend involving hot dogs, hamburgers and a ridiculous brunch, I’ve been enjoying some clean eating this week.


I whipped up this quick and tasty burrito using ingredients already in my pantry, freezer and what few fresh ingredients I had hanging around in the fridge.

Coconut Rice Bean Burrito1

Cooking the wild rice with a bit of light coconut milk gives it a wonderful flavor. Frozen corn, canned beans and sweet potato provide lots of good fiber and protein.

Coconut Rice Bean Burrito2

Before wrapping it up, I added a small handful of cheddar cheese on top for good measure, a few dollops of low-fat Greek yogurt in place of sour cream, some fresh cilantro and a few dashes of Texas Pete, my hot sauce of choice.

Coconut Rice Bean Burrito3

Easy weekday dinner idea: Cook up the veggies and store leftovers in the fridge. Burrito assembly takes only a couple of minutes: 1 minute to reheat filling in the microwave, 1 to assemble and oila, dinner is served.

Coconut Rice Bean Burrito5

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