carolina cucumber fizz

Say hello to summertime in a mason jar.

Cucumber gin fizz cocktail7

It sounds like some of you are G&T fans from the comments y’all left yesterday! I’m actually a fan of gin and tonic too, now that I’ve created this drink! It’s called the Carolina Cucumber Fizz in honor of my fiancé coming home to North Carolina – after 3 years & 7+ months of being long distance. It’s a perfectly fitting name because it’s just so refreshing & summery. The mason jar gives it some southern charm, I think. Don’t you?

To make this recipe you’ll need fresh cucumber juice. I used my handy juicer which Rob got me for my 1 year blogiversary but if you don’t have one, you might do okay just blending up some peeled cucumber and straining off the juice.

Cucumber gin1

The other key ingredient is cucumber gin. All this takes is a few slices of cucumber and an hour or two to for the gin & cucumber to get to know each other. Mine soaked for about that long and it was wonderful – I’m sure a few hours more and it’d be even better, if that’s possible.

Cucumber gin fizz cocktail5

The recipe will also be linked to on my recipe page if you’re wanting to hunt it down in the future. Enjoy!

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