move your booty monday: {arm} sandwich #2

I think I’ve found my new favorite non-running workout. These sandwiches sure do “do a body good!” They keep me moving & busy the entire time, which makes them fly by. Plus, I’m exhausted by the end. I did this one on Friday and my arms are still sore. :) 

Arm sandwich workout  2

Printable PDF with notes: {arm} sandwich #2


Crossover Pushups: Do one pushup in modified position with your knees on the floor. Raise your left hand and cross it under your right. Move your right hand to the right beneath your right shoulder and do a pushup. Now, switch directions to bring you back to center and do a pushup. Repeat, going to the left side this time. Be sure when crossing over your crossing arm goes under the stability arm. The pushup pattern is this: 

  • Center
  • Right 
  • Center
  • Left 

Stability Ball Chest Press: With 5-15 pound dumbbells, lie on an exercise stability ball with it supporting your mid to upper back. With your feet flat on the floor knees bent about 90 degrees and abs contracted, hold the dumbbells by your chest, palms facing forward. Press weights straight up, lower and repeat, using your abs to keep your body still.

Full & half-extension Bicep Curls: With dumbbells in each hand, palms facing forward, back straight. Without moving your upper aarbend your elbow and curl weights towards your shoulders. Full extension: lower all the way down and repeat; Half extension: lower half way so arms are at 90 degree angle and repeat.

Shoulder press: Holding dumbbells in each hand (I used 5#s), stand with feet shoulder-width, knees slightly bent and dumbbells just above shudders, palms facing each other. Press the weights up until arms are straight overhead, rotating palms so they face forward. Lower to starting position and repeat. 

V Raise: Hold a light dumbbell in each hand and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, arms at your sides, palms in. With arms straight but not locked, raise the weights in front of you so that your arms form a V until  parallel to the floor. Lower, return to the starting position & repeat. 

Weekly Workout Schedule

  • Monday: 4 mile run
  • Tuesday: sandwich workout
  • Wednesday: power yoga with Rob (90 minutes)
  • Thursday: gym, TBD
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: early run before heading to the beach
  • Sunday: active rest day (hopefully involving some running around in a bathing suit & swimming at the beach with the girls!)

I can’t believe it’s mid-July and haven’t been to the beach yet this year. Please tell me you’ve been! I can’t wait.

Have a fabulous Monday!

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  • This looks awesome – I haven’t tried one of the “sandwich” workouts yet – what do you suggest for the “rest” in the intervals and between? Active or total rest?

    Also – I’ve only been to the beach once during a work trip, but have a trip booked back to FL in September!

    • Great question :) The 10 second rests should be total rest – even put the weights down if you can. The minute between tabatas should be used to get ready for your next one, so those are more active. Have fun at the beach in September – FL should start cooling down by then which will be perfect!

  • thanks for sharing another great “sandwich” workout! :)

    Have a wonderful Monday!! Try not to think of the beach on Saturday too much or your day may take foreverrr :(