Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese

I truly believe there are some dishes that just shouldn’t be messed with. Cheesecake and mac & cheese are at the top of that list.

Butternut squash mac  cheese6

But I will admit, the fact that there’s three-quarters of butternut squash in this mac & cheese makes eating a quarter of the pan while hovering over the stove with a fork feel less wrong – even at 10AM with a cup of coffee. I speak from experience as this is precisely what happened in my kitchen yesterday morning. I will also admit  I completely forgot I was eating a vegetable.

I’ve seen recipes for butternut squash mac all over Pinterest and decided to give this one a try. After thoroughly analyzing the adorable Kelly‘s photos for texture, I decided to add extra squash, broth and Greek yogurt for a touch more creaminess.

Butternut squash mac  cheese1

Butternut squash mac  cheese2

Over the years I’ve grown to prefer my mac & cheese without breadcrumbs sprinkled on top – no offense Mom, yours was delicious every time. Instead, I sprinkled a cup of White Cheddar over the entire pan and popped it under the broiler for the last few minutes.  Three-cheese anything tastes better than two-cheese – am I right?

Butternut squash mac  cheese3

Butternut squash mac  cheese4

The best part about this dish? You completely forget you’re eating a vegetable – which is just how eating mac & cheese should be.

Have you ever added veggies to your mac & cheese? I might never go back to the regular unhealthy stuff.


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