my little yellow kitchen

With a cross-country move on the horizon and my home officially on the market as of last Friday, now is a good time to pick back up on my apartment tour series. With a little luck, this place could sell at any time and then the series would be no longer – so I better get a move on!

Welcome to my little, yellow kitchen. I remember painting this room from top to bottom in one day, all by myself. I had just broken things off with a guy I was dating at the time and wanted to change things up a bit. It was well past dinnertime when I finished, holding my paint brush in one hand and a glass of wine in the other with a cold, half-eaten pizza still in the box on the counter. Painting is very therapeutic – utter exhaustion and a cheery new color seemed to do the trick.

108 Sir Richard05

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That spot over there by the window is where 95% of my food photography for the blog happens. Before getting my hands dirty, I’ll assemble a makeshift table for shooting using a stool and large cutting board so it’s there when I need it. I dream of having a south-facing kitchen some day.

I don’t have a massive kitchen and take over every inch of counter space when I get cooking so appliances are all hidden away in the kitchen closet on the right.

IMG 8418

IMG 8436

Confession – I have a serious thing for large, wooden cutting boards. The more rustic and beat up, the better. They’re wonderful for cutting on but also for hiding my heinously hot pink, but very functional cutting board which will not be making an appearance.

108 Sir Richard52

My pretty apron hangs from a hook on the wall – cute and functional. Anthropologie still has the cutest aprons ever in my opinion.

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The dining area cozily seats 4, plus an extra 3 on the stools at the counter – perfect for when all the girls come over.

108 Sir Richard53

Turquoise bookends with no books between them? Why yes. I used to have my cookbooks between them until the weight ripped the shelf right off the wall. I’m now a little shy about putting anything that weighs more than a jar of peanut butter on these shelves -hence, the bookends without books.

108 Sir Richard26

108 Sir Richard61

The little deck off of the dining room is one my favorite spaces. It’s also one of my biggest home improvement accomplishments. Before the deck there was pitiful patch of dirty, mossy bricks that covered just a third of the space I have now. All it took was 1 power drill, some pressure treated wood, 200 screws and 8 hours of father-daughter time. With limited storage space I made it my mission to find attractive folding chairs and tables a few summers ago. Target to the rescue!

If you missed the first post of this series, check out my favorite room in the house. We’re on to the bedroom next!

PS. My other favorite little yellow kitchen.

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