butternut squash & black bean coconut rice

Hey guys! I have a new favorite recipe for you to try out. I realize I say this about once every 2 weeks…

Coconut Rice  Shrimp Bowl07

Coconut Rice  Shrimp Bowl09

but this {Shrimp} Butternut Squash & Black Bean Coconut Rice is healthy comfort food at its finest. There are just a handful of wholesome ingredients and, to be truthful, a rice cooker does most of the work.

Coconut Rice  Shrimp Bowl01

While the brown rice bubbles away in a light coconut milk, water and salt, the veggies saute in a little bit of peanut oil.

Mini nutrition lesson: Brown rice is a wonderful source of whole grain. It goes through minimal processing, and as a result, retains a lot of the natural vitamins and minerals (primarily B vitamins, selenium and magnesium) that are lost in milling, the process of making white rice.

The butternut squash goes in first since it takes the longest to cook.

Coconut Rice  Shrimp Bowl02

The other ingredients are tossed in over a matter of minutes with the shrimp going in last as they take the least amount of time to cook. When the coconut rice is finished, everything gets combined.

Coconut Rice  Shrimp Bowl03

Add a little brown sugar, the rest of the light coconut milk and some Sriracha to kick it up a notch, and you’re done.

Coconut Rice  Shrimp Bowl10

I’m kind of impressed with myself. This dish is quick, full of wholesome nutrients, so delicious and makes a lot so there’s plenty for leftovers to take for lunch or have save for tomorrow’s dinner, even after you go back for seconds.

Coconut Rice  Shrimp Bowl08

I think I have a mild obsession with coconut milk and shrimp lately – my last recipe, Rockin’ Red Curry {Shrimp} Soup, also featured these two ingredients!

Have a healthful day, friends!

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