rockin’ red curry soup

Good Monday morning! How are you today? I was busy in the kitchen this weekend perfecting a new recipe! My friend Stephanie and I ended up eating almost the entire pot of this Rockin’ Red Curry Soup made with red curry, shrimp, baby bok choy, sweet potato, light coconut milk, lemongrass and a Thai chili pepper.

red curry soup

There were three ingredients in this soup that I had never cooked with before: lemongrass, Thai chili pepper and baby bok choy.

IMG 1573

IMG 1579

I watched a couple of videos first to learn how to prepare the lemongrass and baby bok choy.

It turns out that smashing the lemongrass frees all sorts of flavorful oils that make lemongrass so great. Both the lemongrass and Thai chili are added for flavor and taken out of the soup before serving.

IMG 1574

IMG 1575

This soup is super easy once everything is prepared.

IMG 1577

I cooked the shrimp and brown rice noodles separately to prevent them from overcooking, and added them into the soup at the very end.

IMG 1582

IMG 1585

red curry soup 2

It’s hot and healthy which makes for a perfect wintertime soup!

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