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Nutritionella workout of the week 1

Mt. Climber Push-Ups | Reverse Lunge + High Knee (step optional) | Bicep Curls | Squat + Shoulder Press | Balancing Lateral Leg Lift (omit squat, try not to put lifting foot on the floor until time is up)

I’ll admit, I’m one of those exercisers that often chooses running over other workouts–not because I love it more, but because it’s the fastest, most mindlessly efficient workout ever. It’s my autopilot exercise of choice. In fact, I don’t even bother with tying and untying my laces anymore. I just shove my feet into my running shoes, wiggle until my heels hit the sole and make a beeline to the front door. For some reason my husband who has an obsession with athletic footwear thinks this is particularly funny and horrifying at the same time.

The problem with running is it gets really repetitive–even when I have a playlist full of awesomely nerdy health & fitness podcasts to keep my brain focused on something other than the ridiculous hills here in San Francisco. The older I get the more my hamstrings remind me they need to be exercised and stretched in other ways, too.

As part of my resolution to get the blog on a schedule in 2014, I added a workout of the week to my editorial calendar. It’s a win-win because if I commit to giving YOU rockstars a workout each week, I actually have to do it beforehand which means more exercise excitement and happier hamstrings for me.

For my fellow hotel room workout warriors, I’ve also put together a simple guide so you can tell with just a glance if they require equipment or not.

Workout of the week equipment guide

I’ve also designed them to be Pinnable and easy to read, so you can add them to your workout boards and pull them up on your phone wherever you’re getting your workout on. Oh and if you’re unfamiliar with a move, links and notes to demonstrate the proper form for each will be below the image.

Give #1 a try this weekend! Here’s to happier hamstrings and more exciting exercise in 2014.

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