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Happy 2013! I’ve been relaxing here in Seattle the past few days with my friend Kim and her husband Jason. They recently moved to Seattle for their jobs – being on the West Coast for Christmas was the perfect excuse to visit for New Year’s. As we were sitting around the dinner table one evening, Kim and I realized 2012 marked our ten year friendship anniversary. TEN years! Sure it made us feel old for a minute but we poured a little more wine and toasted to fun memories, both those in the past and the many to come.

We’ve done quite a bit of tromping around in the snow this week – on snowshoes. It may be cold and rainy in the city but just an hour from Seattle is a winter wonderland – so we rented some snowshoes from REI, packed up the car (dog included) and got in two amazing days of snowshoeing. I’m slowly growing to like skiing more but the hordes of people, long lift lines, biting wind and occasional fear that I’m going to tumble down the mountain can be a bit chaotic at times. Snowshoeing is so serene – not to mention an incredible workout if you choose to hike some hilly, untouched terrain. 

I’ve never met a shoe I didn’t like but this might be my all-time favorite winter activity. Ever. Rob and I have already put his & her pairs on our wedding registry!

Snowshoeing: Love it? Where’s your favorite place to go?

Friendship anniversaries: Do you keep track & celebrate? 

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