10 Signs You Might Be A Little Step-Obsessed

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When it comes to wrist accessories, I prefer bangle bracelets to watches any day of the week. But ever since putting my first Fitbit on last year, this little activity tracker has become a permanent part of my wrist real estate.

Probably not unlike many of you, I log a lot of screen time in my day-to-day life. Between work and the blog I can easily spend 10 to 12 hours a day just sitting. Of course I try to offset some of this by making time for short runs, interval workouts, strength training and yoga, but when things get busy–well, you know how it is. That little black band on my wrist, though, has helped me realize being active isn’t just about minutes logged on a run, or reps performed at the gym. My Fitbit is a gentle reminder to get up and move. It motivates me to take the stairs instead of the escalator, and walk instead of bus to and from work each day. It gets me out of my comfortable chair at work for sixty minutes at the treadmill desk at least a few days each week. And sometimes, sometimes, it gives me an excuse to do a little shopping downtown before heading home from work. Just like dollars, you might be surprised how fast a few hundred steps here and a few hundred there add up!

If you don’t have a Fitbit, I highly recommend getting one, even if for the excuse to shop alone. I will warn you though––those daily step counts can be highly motivating. So motivating my husband has called me out for being a little step-obsessed at times. I take it as a compliment but, should you wind up with a new Fitbit on your wrist this holiday season, here are 10 things to be on the lookout for. (For those of you in similar shoes, I’m willing to bet you’re guilty of some, if not most of these too!)

10 Signs You Might Be A Little Step-Obsessed

1. You walk laps around the backyard in the pitch dark to hit an important step milestone.

2. You check your step count at least 2-3 times during a long run, purely for the satisfaction-factor.

3. You check your step count in the middle of an important but incredibly boring meeting, and then proceed to think about all the steps you could be getting instead.

4. You call out a friend for always having more steps and tell them, “I’m coming after you.”

5. You’ve fibbed to friends or family members on occasion about how far the walk really is.

6. You justify an afternoon of shopping over hitting the gym because you’ll get more steps that way.

7. You suddenly become that person that aimlessly wanders around the airport, carry-on luggage in tow, until your zone is called to board. Then you sprint to be first in line.

8. After a solid 5 minutes of walking without your Fitbit, you instinctively turn around to get it, and do so without thinking twice.

9. You urgently text, call, page, or fax a family member and plead them to wear your forgotten tracker on their wrist until you can get it back.

10. You’ve prayed for the ability to manually add steps–because inevitably there are times it does get left behind.

Any of these sound familiar? What funny step confessions do you have up your sleeve?

FitbitLogo_400pxA special thanks to Fitbit for sponsoring this post and their #findyourfit campaign through POPSUGAR Select. I was compensated for my time but all opinions and confessions are my own!

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  • I just got my Fitbit Charge in December right before a Vegas trip. Perfect timing. I am guilty of about half of these. Including also putting it on the dog and then realizing I have to run anyway to get his furry little butt to move. :)

  • I totally get this! I used to have a Fitbit, but recently gave it away and switched to a Jawbone Up (the one WITHOUT bluetooth). There were several reasons for the switch, but a major reason was so that I couldn’t constantly check it on my phone throughout the day since I have to actually take the bracelet off and plug it in to sync it. I found that only syncing once or twice a day is so much less stressful, but still effective tracking for me. :)

    Nothing against Fitbit – it was a great product; I just found that the Jawbone is working better for me right now!

  • LOL! I was slightly obsessed with my steps earlier this year and was so mad when it wouldn’t count my movement in BODYPUMP as steps ;) I like the shopping excuse one… I’m totally using that in the future!