4 tips for pairing colors & patterns

Talk about good timing, with a beautiful Victorian to decorate here in San Francisco I literally jumped with excitement when given the chance to partner with Target on a few home decor posts this month.

This week I’ve been reminded that turning an empty apartment into a home is no easy task. If you couldn’t tell by my recent onslaught of Pins, I’ve been mulling over colors and patterns all week -picking the right colors and pairing patterns can easily overwhelm a novice decorista like myself. With six rooms to tackle, I needed some sort of a game plan so I put together some simple steps to choosing colors and pairing prints, one room at a time.

Target color and pattern post

headboard | chartreuse pillow | white/grey pillow | throw | wall art | clock | lampshade | lamp base

1. Choose a color scheme
Doing so will allow you to explore different color combinations and also guide you when you’re shopping for home decor items. Design Seeds is my absolute favorite source for color schemes. The author is constantly coming up with new color palettes using beautiful photographs. Simple but effective! Select your favorite color on the website and explore the different color combinations you never knew existed. Once you’ve found one or two you love, Pin them so they’re always there for you to refer to -say, on your phone when you’re out shopping.

2. Buy the basics
Purchase large pieces of furniture first. Keep in mind that solid colors are generally more versatile than prints. Think of a basic white tee. The ways to wear it are limitless when incorporating different patterns, colors and textures into the look -it’s the same principle with furniture.

3. Prioritize your patterns
Three or four patterns per room generally will add interest without being over-the-top. When paired, patterns look best in a variety of sizes. Generally bigger patterns work better for larger items such as rugs & drapes and smaller patterns for smaller items like throw pillows & blankets. Don’t forget to include some solid colored items in the mix. Use your color palette to help narrow potential patterns for curtains, rugs, throws, lampshades and wall decor.

4. Experiment with accessories
This seems intuitive but the best way to pair patterns and colors is to experiment. Some combinations just won’t look right but others will suddenly speak to you. I’ve been known to bring home 6 or 7 throw pillows and return 4 of them after deciding which combination looked best. Trust what you love! Remember to keep your color palette handy when shopping -it will minimize the number of items that need to be returned simply because they weren’t the right color. Oh and hang on to those receipts.

I certainly have my work (and shopping) cut out for me over the next few weeks but these tips have already helped me off to a great start decorating our bedroom. New apartment tour photos to come as I finish various rooms but I hope these tips help should you decide to do a little redecorating yourself this Spring.

Colors & patterns: Prefer vibrant and bold or sweet & simple? Can you guess what I’d answer?

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It’s Time for Springtime. 

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