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Breville espresso maker2

Breville espresso maker1

Each morning I have to make a few important decisions. Do I get out of bed to exercise before work? Most often, yes. Do I read my book or work on a blog post while riding the train downtown? That’s a toss up. Once I’m downtown, do I hustle straight to the office or go out of my way for a latte? This one involves a complicated thought process -at least complex for that hour of the morning. Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not I treat myself, and it’s not just about calories. Two or three times a week, a $4.05 vanilla latte adds up. Even if you try to ignore it by paying with your iPhone.

You can probably envision the shrieking and bad dancing that took place in my kitchen yesterday when this beautiful espresso machine was pulled from its box and pressed into action. You can also probably envision the insomnia I experienced as a result of downing an espresso at 7pm -but I just couldn’t wait until morning. I want to smother my new sis- & brother-in-law with hugs and kisses for sending us this incredible wedding gift. The hubs and I love our coffee but after spending a good chunk of time in Italy and Spain, we’ve really grown love our espresso.

It’s doubtful I’ll lose my Gold Rewards status at Starbucks anytime soon but this will certainly cut down on my monthly espresso drink expenses. I’m already plotting a copycat Vanilla Spice Latte recipe -my absolute favorite of their seasonal drinks.

Lattes – Got a favorite flavor? Skim or 2%? I’m a Vanilla Spice with 2%, hold-the-whip kinda gal.

PS. The excitement of my first KitchenAid mixer

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  • All the starbucks in my area suck at making espresso so I’m forced to turn to straight coffee unless I want to head to the city center and find an artisan coffee shop- maybe i should invest!! hahaha

    I need one. I’ve thought long and hard about this, because I spend about 3.30 a day on my latte and could easily make one in my kitchen if only I had a beauty like that.

    Also, when Vanilla Spice Latte comes out you can buy bottles from your local store (did you know that?). They run about 9.95$ apiece, and they are good for a year as long as you don’t open them. So you can keep a bottle stashed and have it in the off season. A lot of people don’t know we sell the syrups (not the sauces though — mocha, white mocha, etc).

  • Sasha to the rescue :) What a great gift! I’ve had my eye on one of those for so long. Can’t wait to test it out when I come visit you sometime in the near future!

  • Lucky, lucky girl!!! My husband and I have looked into espresso makers but our condo’s space doesn’t allow for it right now. As for lattes I’m all over the soy lattes or – if it is fall – a pumpkin spice latte :)

  • We have the same one!! This is our 3rd espresso maker in 10 years. We’ve had it since Christmas. I think it is the best one we’ve had. My husband and I are definitely coffee addicts, especially espresso. We love it.

  • What a fun gift! I’m not too terribly into coffee drinks, but I love me a Chai Tea Latte. Oddly enough, they remind me of the time I spent in Europe during college. Maybe it’s part taste, part nostalgia that makes them so good.

  • I lost my gold rewards status last year when I stepped back and realized that swiping that pretty card was equivalent to spending money (Duh, right?)- way too much money!

    We got a Nespresso for our wedding last month and we LOVE it!!!

  • Awesome wedding gift! I would go gaga too over an espresso machine that beautiful! ;) My fav latte ever is a 2% pumpkin spice latte with half the syrup pumps and light whip. Fall Perfection!

    Ps- I have never had the vanilla spice latte..is it much different than a traditional vanilla latte? Now I am intrigued!

    • Yes to Pumpkin Spice – that’s also a favorite of mine. Vanilla Spice has cardemom in the syrup… It’s divine. Definitely a wintertime only drink there though!

  • What a fabulous gift! I remember being similarly excited when I received an espresso machine for Christmas one year…until I managed to burn my right ring finger on the steam. Now I’m strictly a Starbucks girl – skim cafe misto with vanilla.

  • I def need one of these! Such a nice gift xx

    btw, I love your blog! Followed you on bloglovin xx