oat & plum bars

Holy plum, I mean yum.

Oat  plum bars07

These oat & plum bars happened quite by accident yesterday afternoon. A friend of mine bought a rather large bag of dried plums (we’re talking Costco size), decided he didn’t like them and offered them up to me. I looked at the bag and said, “Dried plums… aren’t those the same things as prunes?”

Yep, they are.

For such a tasty little treat, they sure did get an awful sounding name, didn’t they?

Oat  plum bars01

I happily took the 5-pound bag of dried plums home with me even though I had never actually had a prune dried plum before. I was determined to make something delicious from them despite their unappetizing nickname. I’m pretty sure I succeeded.

I promise to never make a joke about prunes again after tasting these.

Oat  plum bars06

Additionally, these have completely ruined the Nutri Grain Bar for me. Mine are just as wholesome, soft and delicious but without the preservatives, corn syrup, artificial colors & flavors.

Oat  plum bars02

Oat  plum bars03

Oat  plum bars04

Give them a try. They’re easy, quick, high in fiber and SO delicious. I’ve already packed one as part of my breakfast for the next 2 days.

Oat  plum bars11

Oat  plum bars08

These are definitely going onto the recipe page. I love the consistency of the oats so much I’m already plotting new flavors for the next batch! Got any recommendations?

What are your thoughts on prunes? Or do you prefer to call them dried plums?

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