My Last Day as a Twenty-something

Good morning!  I just got back from a sweaty session at the gym and am pondering turning 30 tomorrow over a leisurely breakfast on the patio: a bowl of Greek yogurt, granola and pineapple with orange slices and of course, a cappuccino.

IMG 8009

As I punched in my age on the Elliptical machine at the gym this morning (2 – 9) it dawned on me that today is the last day of my twenties and as of tomorrow I’ll be punching in 3 – 0 into my cardio machine of choice.

Holy cow.  When did I get this old?  I spent the past 2 hours flipping through my 20-something photos.  Man was I busy!

At 21, I graduated from Boston College a Communications degree I thought I’d never use and 6 best friends.

65137198507 0 BG

At the age of 23, one of these best friends, Kim,  persuaded me to move south to Chapel Hill, North Carolina after she was accepted to UNC Medical School.

IMG 5274

I had no job but I did have a sense of adventure… and within a few months my belongings were packed!  We still are like peas and carrots.

Picture 011

Also in my 2os, I fell in love with a guy, found out he was a jerk, lost him, found myself and came out of it a much stronger, happier and independent woman.  I also deleted every picture I ever had of him/us… great decision on my part.

I traveled with my girlfriends to Scotland, Seattle and Hawaii.


Picture 036

Picture 038











Hawaii0706 083

I kissed the Stanley Cup the first year I ever went to a professional hockey game.

Copy of Stanley 013

I drove a tractor and fed cattle in Montana in the dead of winter.

Montana January 08 014

I ate my way through the NC State Fair THREE times with my best friend, Katie.

10 08 Monk Weekend 018

I met a lovely guy at a bar in Chapel Hill one night…

Wedding 002

who lived in San Francisco…

IMG 1221

and who’s taken me hiking, camping and skiing all over northern California.


IMG 1531

IMG 0034

We’ve also explored Italy, Hawaii, Cabo and Mallorca, just to name a few.

IMG 0993



IMG 8028

I decided I wanted to be a Registered Dietitian and worked my butt off to get into grad school… which is where I found these girls. Love them.

IMG 5322

I started a blog because I think healthy minds and happy bodies are important.  It just so happens I also found a way to put my Communications degree to use!

Nutritionella blogheader NEW Final

And one of my biggest accomplishments: I’ve become happier and healthier over the past 10 years.

I’ve run 3 half marathons.

DSC 0303

I stopped valuing being skinny just to be thin.  I now value being healthy and strong and having a good relationship with food.

IMG 5902

IMG 3284  1024x683

I’ve certainly come a long way in the past 10 years – which only makes me more excited for the next 10!  I’m looking forward to turning 30 tomorrow and starting a new decade!  :)

What are some accomplishments you’ve made in the past 5 or 10 years?  After writing this post, I think it’s important we recognize and celebrate them!

Well, it’s time to hit the beach for a dip in the ocean, shower and pack for another surprise getaway tonight!

I received some specific instructions from my boyfriend this morning:

  1. Pack an overnight bag with a nice dinner outfit and one bathing suit.
  2. Meet him at his office at 5:15pm.

I have zero idea where we are headed. I’ll be back tomorrow with an update on our destination and photos, which could be entertaining if there is a bottle of champagne involved in turning 30.  Have a great rest of your day!


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