my first kitchenaid mixer



Most 5-year old girls want dolls and hot pink bicycles from Santa -I wanted Teddy Ruxpin and a KitchenAid Mixer. We never had a KitchenAid mixer growing up -but the neighbors did- and baking Christmas cookies each year at Sarah’s house was a magical experience. I don’t know what I loved more -the hands-free mixing or the purr it made with each spin of the paddle- but I know I wanted one. Badly.

The 22-pound KitchenAid must have been too heavy for Santa’s sleigh because I woke up to a story-telling teddy bear under the tree that year. Since then, I’ve gone through an embarrassing number of hand-mixers. There was the mixer with mismatched spatulas that never quite fit right, another with a broken eject button and three or four that ended up in the trash with foul-smelling, burnt out motors. A KitchenAid just never fit into the budget though which is why it’s been on my wedding registry since my early twenties -a good seven years before I ever met my fiancé.

I was hoping this day would come… and guess what? It did! Early Saturday morning, a very special (and heavy) wedding gift showed up on our doorstep. I tore open the box and there she was, my beloved KitchenAid Stand Mixer. As if 26 years of anticipation isn’t meaningful enough, the mixer was given to us by a favorite auntie -my fairy godmother- who I spent a lot of time cooking with as a little girl.

All I can say is, it was worth the wait -and I’m glad Santa went with Teddy Ruxpin because I’m pretty sure this beautiful color didn’t exist back in 1986.

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    Sorry for the shouting, but it is seriously the BEST color!

  • Stunning colour. Since I finally saved up enough to treat myself to one of these beauties 4 weeks ago, my hubby thinks I have flipped! I keep blowing kisses at my shiny new Almond Cream Kitchenaid Mixer, each time I walk into the kitchen! I was very tempted by the baby pink or the pistachio colours but played safe in the end and bought almond. No regrets though, it is the most beautiful object in my kitchen. Since I’ve had it I have use it to make chocolate raspberry pavlova, victoria sponge, tiramisu, corn muffins and creamed potatoes. It has passed every test with flying colours, outstanding at whipping cream and beating eggs especially. Plan to try shortcrust pastry and bread next. It’s a 10-speed wonder and a kitchen buddy for life <3

  • Congrats!! I got my red kitchenaid mixer about 10 years ago and it changed the way I work in the kitchen. I use it for everything-cookies, cakes, pies, mashed potatoes…Enjoy it!!

  • Wow! That kitchen aid looks so cool. Love the color. I don’t have a kitchen aid and I’ve never used one before. But, I know that it makes baking and cooking go a lot faster. Congrats!

  • Love that color! I bought a boring white Kitchen Aid mixer at an outlet more than 15 years ago now and she is still going strong. LOVE my mixer. She gets me through all my Christmas cookie baking. Enjoy it!

  • She’s a beauty! Congrats. You will love her. I got mine the Christmas of my junior year in college (what college student wants a stand mixer??) and she’s now going strong 10 years later! I wanted red but “Santa” (mom) said that would be impractical since I couldn’t be sure of my future kitchen colors so I got metallic grey which sure enough has matched in all 6 kitchens since then (but red still would have been fun).

  • I wanted a Kitchen Aid Mixer for the majority of my life, and when I got engaged, it was the very first thing that I scanned to my registry. It was the most exciting experience. And wouldn’t you know- I’ve been married for three years this Wednesday and have yet to use it!

  • Wow- it’s BEAUTIFUL!! What a happy day to get a present you’ve been wanting for so many years! What’s the first think you’ll make with it?

  • I am so excited for you! A KitchenAid has also been on my “registry” forever even though I am not engaged. Sometimes I wish I could just get married really quickly so someone would get me my mixer. Can’t wait to see what you create!

  • I had the same feeling of excitement when mine arrived! It is life changing! There will be moments mid baking for the first few months where you will find yourself hand mixing something and realize you don’t need to be doing that. ENJOY!

  • Oh my gosh, the color is lovely. I got my first one for Christmas this past year, and it was such a surprise. I love mine, but haven’t been able to really use it yet because it won’t fit in my tiny apartment kitchen at school!

  • Oh, she’s gorgeous! I have my heart set on the pink one, colored for Breast Cancer awareness. Right now, I suffer with a hand mixer my mother got for me at a garage sale – for $3. It does the job, with only three speeds, I must admit. But oh, would my heart be happy with a beautiful KitchenAid Mixer. Sigh. Some day :)

    Enjoy!! Hope you’ve whipped up some cookies in her already.

  • Aww this is exciting! My mom just got one this week too (her dream as well) and according to my brother, she’s obsessed with it. I hope you’re already prepping some delicious treats to make with it :)