My 5 Favorite Pasta Dishes

5 favorite pasta dishes nutritionella edited 1

Roasted Red Pepper Bowtie Pasta | Mint Pea Pesto Linguine | Simple Garlic Roasted Tomato Spaghetti | Fennel & Greek Yogurt Alfredo Linguine |  Butternut Squash Mac ‘n Cheese

You guys know I’m always game for a big bowl of carbohydrates, but today my friends, is National Pasta Day–a holiday worthy of a saucy celebration; a day free of judgement for choosing white over whole wheat. To get the party started, I’ve pulled together my 5 all-time favorite pasta dishes to come out of my kitchen during the nearly three years I’ve been blogging. Three years! That’s a lot of wet noodles to choose from.

Now grab your fork–and a spoon for twirling just in case–and let’s get this pasta party started, shall we?

Pasta: Got a favorite dish? These are all phenom but my #1 go-to is the Mint Pea Pesto Linguine, because we all know I have a serious thing for frozen peas.

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