How to Choose a Perfect Avocado

How to Choose the Perfect Avocado 1

I’ll be the first to admit that choosing the perfect avocado takes a little bit of practice. The first avocado I ever purchased was so unripe it was entirely inedible. And the one after that was so overripe it turned into guacamole on the car ride home. Even once I thought I had mastered the squeeze test, I can’t even tell you how many seemingly perfect avocados I brought home that were covered with brown spots on the inside.

Thankfully a while back a friend showed me how to choose a perfect avocado and I now have an 85-90% success rate. No more overripe, underripe or slimy brown messes.

Here’s how to do it:

First, check for ripeness by gently pressing the outside of the avocado. If there’s no give, the avocado isn’t ripe so leave it right where it is. Now, if your gentle press leaves a serious imprint, it’s most likely way overripe––so just pretend you didn’t dent it and grab another.

When the squeeze test yields just the right amount of give, lift up that little button. Most people don’t know this but that button is essentially a “window” into the avocado’s soul.

How to Choose the Perfect Avocado 2

How to Choose the Perfect Avocado 3

If the flesh beneath the button is a light green you’ve got a winner. If it’s brown though, that avocado is likely a big brown mess inside. In that case, gently press the button back in place and walk away like you never saw anything.

How to Choose the Perfect Avocado 4

Just make sure you find yourself a greenie first!

Had you heard of the button trick before?

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