Holiday Gift Guide for the Sporty Spice

Hi, friends!  How are you today? Here’s my Holiday Gift Guide for the Sporty Spice! A lot of these are personal favorites, and obviously one of them is leopard print.

Sporty spice gifts 1

1.  Blake Brody In-studio Flats $105 – adorable & functional footwear for your studio sports like yoga, pilates, yogalates, barre…

2.  Oiselle Rundies $65 – a pair for every day run of the week (track, tempo, fartlek, race, easy 6, long run and rest!)

3.  Oiselle Onyx Tight $70  – Seriously the most flattering and comfortable and tights I’ve ever put on my body.

4.  Balega Hidden Dry Running Sock $8.99 – my favorite running sock!

5.  Balega Performance Compression Running Socks $39.99 – increases blood flow which boosts energy in those tired legs and helps with recovery!

Sporty spice gifts 2

6.  Tweezerman Sole Mate Pedicure Tool $20 – because being an athlete can’t always be glamorous.

7.   L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream $22 (or $10 for the travel size) – use after #6, throw on a pair of socks and call it a night for soft feet!

8.  Camelbak Groove Filter Bottle $25 – fountain water has never tasted so good

9.  American Apparel Long Leg Warmer $18 – just because I love a long leg warmer

10.  Trigger Point “The Grid” Foam Roller $39 – it’s harder than traditional foam rollers which means better rolling and no denting/wearing out

If you missed it, here’s yesterday’s gift guide, Stocking Stuffers for the Cook.

I have a lot of studying on the schedule for today with 2 final exams later this week but I’ll be back tonight with Today’s Tastes and a workout recap!

Have  a great one!

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  • This is totally unrelated to this post, but I made your Pomegranate Cranberry Chile Sauce with spring rolls this weekend and it was amazing, keep up the great recipes!

  • Hi, Elle! i know you’re a big fan of these running tights, and I was wondering if you could compare them to Lululemon ones? Obviously slightly cheaper, but if you have experience with both, could you give us the rundown? Thanks!

    • I actually have a pair of both! The Oiselle tights are definitely more comfortable to me – the fleecy lining is lovely but also super light and barely noticeable! I also like the little zippered pocket for a key/ID/debit card in the back. The Lulus are really long which isn’t really necessary for someone who is 5’4″ – they kind of bunch up at the bottom – Oiselle’s just seem to fit me better and I’d say are even more flattering! The one thing that my Lulus have that Oiselle’s don’t (at least the pair I own) are a high-rise waist, which is actually really nice when it’s cold out since it keeps the drafts away. When I wear my Oiselle’s I just wear a longer tank, tucked in, so this hasn’t really been too much of a problem! Hope this helps. :)