Pasta Noe: Fennel, Pancetta & Greek Yogurt Alfredo Pasta

I want to begin by letting you know this dish has special meaning to me – not just because it’s scrumptious either. Rob is gearing up to move to Alicante, Spain in a few weeks for a fun, new job and this is the last dish I cooked in his cute, Noe Valley apartment. I’ve never been attached to an apartment before, until this one, probably because I spent last summer here with Rob and we have some fond memories here over the past 2 years! That brings me to the name. Meet, Pasta Noe.

Pasta Noe

This might be one of my favorite creations, ever. I began by searching for some online fennel inspiration and came across a few recipes with pancetta… sweet fennel + salty pork? Yes. Then my mind wandered… sweet fennel + salty pork + creamy Greek Yogurt Alfredo + whole wheat linguine? Yes, please!

I began by sautéing the garlic and pancetta in a large pan with 1 T of butter.

IMG_4430 (1280x853)

Once slightly browned, I tossed in 2 chopped fennel bulbs, some of the fronds, red pepper flakes, and fennel seeds.

IMG_4432 (1280x853)

I gave it a good stir and covered the pan. Everything cook for 15 minutes until the fennel bulbs were tender.

IMG_4433 (1280x853)

While that was cooking, I tossed a bag of whole wheat linguine into salted, boiling water, set the timer for 10 minutes and started on the Alfredo Sauce. With all of the Greek Yogurt hype lately, I thought the stuff would make a lovely Alfredo sauce…

IMG_4437 (1280x853)

and it did. Here’s how I made it. I started off by combining some corn starch and nutmeg in a bowl, to which I whisked in some chicken stock and transferred everything into a saucepan. I whisked everything constantly over medium heat until it thickened slightly. That’s when I added a whole lot of shredded parmesan cheese, which just happens to be my favorite cheese. Ever.

IMG_4434 (1280x853)

I reduced the heat to low. After the parm had melted, in went 1 small container of Greek Yogurt, which I also blended in with a whisk.

IMG_4442 (1280x853)

Once the pasta was just barely al dente, I drained, rinsed, and transferred it into the large sauté pan with the fennel and pancetta. I heated the fennel, pancetta and pasta over medium heat for a few minutes before pouring on the hot, Alfredo sauce. I added more fronds and mixed it with a large, wooden spoon until everything was well combined.

IMG_4445 (1280x853)

When I plated the dish, I topped it off with a little more shaved parmesan and a fennel frond-garnish Let’s take one more look at this.

Pasta Noe

Well, that just made me want to go back for seconds. I never knew fennel was so good. How did I get to be in my late 20’s and never have cooked with it before?

I’m happy to have a new favorite dish and one great, last memory in this apartment – Pasta Noe.

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