every new day is a blessing

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Hello, friends. You’ve probably noticed the blog’s been very quiet for a number of days now.

It saddens me to say my Dad recently became quite ill and has been hospitalized in serious condition for over a week. Last Tuesday I flew from San Francisco to my parent’s winter home in Florida for some much needed family time and loving support. My brother also came down for a visit from Boston and, though it wasn’t planned, we were fortunate enough to spend Thanksgiving together as a family at my father’s bedside. My Dad is the toughest guy I know and continues to put up a heroic fight. So far, all test results have been inconclusive but we are grateful for every small improvement in his condition and continue to pray we get some answers soon.

I have to keep this short but, I miss you all! It’s been over a week since I’ve even read a blog but I’m hoping to catch up with my Feedly a bit tonight over a glass of wine, and plan to write a few blog posts here and there as time, energy and emotions allow.

If you would, please keep my Dad and our family in your thoughts and prayers. We truly feel blessed for every new day we have together.

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