ENJOY – Changing the Way You Buy Electronics

As a new mom, you quickly learn just how much you can do with one hand. For example, just this morning I single handedly started a load of laundry, scarfed down a bowl of granola and yogurt for breakfast, unsubscribed from a handful of catalogs and opened all of yesterday’s mail. Reading books and newspapers though, that’s a tough one, especially while nursing or cradling a sleeping baby in your arms on a crowded airplane. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve sat down with a book in one hand, Noah in the other, and ended up reading the the same two pages over and over again. Traditional reading simply requires one too many hands, at least for us baby wrangling parents, one reason why the hubs and I recently decided it was finally time to get an iPad.

Enjoy-2But the last thing I wanted to do the other week was schlep the little man downtown and fight the crowds at the Apple Store to get it…

So, instead, we ordered our new iPad Pro from Enjoy. Have you heard of them?

Enjoy is an incredible new technology concierge service that offers customers in-person delivery, setup and training with a personal tech Expert for free. Basically, you pick the product, time, place and, in as fast as four hours, you’ll have an expert at your door with your new toy.


I know what you’re thinking… Product delivery, setup and training with a personal tech Expert, all at the time and place of your choosing with no lines and no delivery windows? That can’t actually be free. There has to be some catch or hidden cost.

I promise you though, it’s 100% free, and awesome. Lauren, our super friendly tech Expert, hand delivered our new iPad to our apartment the other day.


After unwrapping my new toy, Lauren helped me get it up and running and showed me some fun, new features she thought I’d enjoy, like multitasking and using it as a remote to control our Apple TV. Lauren was super knowledgeable about the product and even left me with a cute tote and her business card should I have any follow-up questions after the fact.


Since our appointment I’ve been having so much fun playing with our new iPad. I immediately downloaded a couple of new books to the Kindle app and am now actually able to read while snuggling (or nursing!) the little man.

I’ve also been using it to pull up my favorite online recipes in the kitchen and to snap some adorable photos of Noah with the amazing camera.



Noah and I are headed to Florida next week and, now that I have the smart keyboard, I’m planning to leave my laptop at home.  Any way I can lighten the load while traveling solo with the baby is great, and the iPad will let me do just about everything I need to, including blogging on the road!

Enjoy has a great range of products including Apple TV and iPads, Sonos speakers, even activity trackers and drones. They’re currently in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, as well as parts of Brooklyn, Queens, Hoboken and New Jersey, with more cities coming in 2016.

I was truly impressed with this incredible service––and the fact that it’s completely free still amazes me. If you or someone you know is in the market for some new tech gear, their website offers a ton of information on each and every product listed so definitely go check it out. Thanks so much, Enjoy.


Bonus for all readers: Use code RAF-ATE to get yourself a $50 Enjoy credit through April 15, 2016. It just can’t be used on Boosted Boards, Tile or any products under $100.

This post is sponsored by Enjoy, a service our family was thrilled to discover. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog.

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  • I just had Enjoy install an Ecobee smart thermostat (https://www.ecobee.com/) for me a couple of months ago. I ordered it on Friday and was offered an installation appointment for the next day, but since I already had Saturday plans I opted for a Sunday afternoon install. Great service that I’d highly recommend if available in your area.

  • What a cool service! This would be really great for my parents, who not only get frustrated going into any Apple or electronics store, but don’t know how to set it up once they get home. Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow what a great service. And free? Why would you want to buy tech gadgets any other way? Hoping they come to Seattle soon!