A Great Baby Gift Idea for New Moms

The New Mom Box: A personalized baby gift Idea for every budget

Right around the time Noah was born a large box from Diapers.com unexpectedly arrived at our doorstep. At first I thought the hubs had gone on a diaper delivery bender but, as it turns out, this box was a gift from our friend Anna, an experienced mom of 4. Inside was an assortment of her most favorite items for mom and baby including her favorite nursing pillow, some adorable and functional sleep gowns, muslin swaddles, soft, cotton bath linens, orthodontic-friendly pacifiers, gas relief drops and more. Such a great baby gift idea, no?

During my pregnancy I had spent countless hours researching everything from strollers and car seats to swaddles and breast milk storage bags and, while I felt like we had most of what we needed, this mom and baby box saved us on more than one occasion–like the first time Noah had a middle-of-the-night blowout and needed a clean sleep gown, quick. Or the first night he tried using me as a pacifier. #notcool

I loved the concept of the new mom box so much I’ve started sending them to my expecting friends as well. As soon as I found out one of my sweet friends was pregnant I started setting aside some of my favorite items for the mom-to-be.

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In the box was a SollyBaby Wrap (I’m obsessed with mine!), sprinkled with some of the smaller items including:

and last but not least, a cute pregnancy tank top.

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Oh and a fun card, of course.

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For the smaller items like the Bottom Balm and WaterWipes, I actually just started ordering multiples of everything on Amazon and now have a little stash, either for when we run out or the next friend with baby on the way. Diapers would be another great item to include if you have some smaller sizes lying around that don’t fit your little one anymore.

Another reason I love the new mom box concept? It makes for a super personal baby gift that works for all budgets since you can add as few or as many things as you like!

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Fellow mommas, what is one of your favorite baby gifts, either to give or receive? 

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  • There are some lovely ideas here, thanks for sharing! I’ve decided to get my best friend a moses basket from Piccoli, it’s absolutely gorgeous. I hope she likes it!

  • I am so glad That I found this post. My sis is going to tell me she is pregnant. So I was feeling the tension of the perfect gift for her baby. Now I am free from tension. Thank you so much for sharing this post. I will spend for it. Ummma

  • Love this, I’m attending a baby shower next week and I’m loving all this baby inspo! I’m really loving the idea of a personalised baby bean bag, and filling it with lots of goodies!

  • I’m so glad I found this post! My best friend is expecting and having a baby shower next week. I need to find more gifts and this is giving me lots of ideas!

  • I am a new(ish) mom…our daughter is 6 months old. The Baby K’Tan has been a lifesaver for us. It is super simple to use and very comfortable. My daughter loves it. It’s great when we are out and about and it’s super helpful when I want to get things done around the house. I’ll even put her in it when she gets fussy, and within 5 mintues, she’s sleeping contently. I was able to get mine at Buy Buy Baby with a 20% coupon and paid $44.

    Audrey is TOO CUTE playing with those beads. Love her little hands!

    How thick is the mattress on the travel crib? We have a pack and play for our daughter when we travel but the mattress is so thin, she doesn’t sleep well and ends up in bed with us.

  • You are too cute, without even being a mom I think these look awesome! So classy with even the most basic of gifts. See you soon!

  • This is perfect timing for me to find this post – my big sis is trying and I have a feeling she is going to tell me she is pregnant any day now. I’ve been thinking of the perfect gift to give her and I love this idea!!!