the bed & bath

I have some good news to share this morning – we accepted an offer on my little apartment in Chapel Hill! Assuming all goes well with the inspection and closing process, we’ll soon be free from paying a mortgage in North Carolina + rent here in San Francisco (yes, our bank accounts are jumping for joy) but it also means time for finishing up this apartment tour series is severely limited.

Let’s pick up where we left off – the bed and bath!


One thing you should know about me is I have a small obsession with bedding -particularly pillows- so when asked to partner with Target on a few home decor posts this month, I knew exactly how to refresh the look of my bedroom for potential buyers strolling through.

Just a few extra throw pillows and one adorable quilt added just the pop of color that was missing from my rather plain looking bed. I firmly believe one can never have too many accent pillows.





Apparently the new buyers like the refreshed look as much as I do. With an offer on the table and the movers scheduled for next month, I can’t wait to find these cute accents a place in our new San Francisco apartment.

As for the master bath, it’s simple but clean -though certainly lacking in towel storage space. Enter: inexpensive baskets for a nice looking storage solution. Oh, and let’s not overlook the sink bling. Sink bling is almost as important as throw pillows in my book.



I can’t believe I’ll soon be parting with my little apartment for good – thankfully I have the apartment tour series to look back on and reminisce about in the future. If you missed the other posts check out the red jalapeño room & my little yellow kitchen. I’m super excited to put together another apartment tour series of our new place in San Francisco once we finish decorating. Our kitchen is to-die-for.

When it comes to bedding – 2 pillows is plenty or you can never have to many?

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