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I never expected to say this but one of my favorite honeymoon reads was The Honest Life by celeb, Jessica Alba.  Her collection of tips for living more naturally inspired to make a small change to my beauty routine.

An aesthetician once told me some cooking oils, like grapeseed and coconut oil, make great makeup removers too–so I recently swapped out my chemical-filled makeup remover wipes for a bottle of au natural grapeseed oil.

I’ve used it nightly for over four months now and love it! The oil’s properties make it perfect for the waterproof stuff too which I’ll occasionally wear if I fear I’ll be caught in a downpour or download a tear-jerker on iTunes. So much so that I’ll never again buy another eye makeup remover from the drug store again.

Each night  dampen my whole face with water, pour a dab of oil onto a cotton ball and lightly press it onto my eye. I hold it there for a few seconds before gently rubbing my eyeliner and mascara away and repeating. Afterwards I use a gentle facial cleanser to wash the rest of my face which helps remove any excess oil left behind.

Try it! I can’t recommend it enough.

If you’re used to using oil-free makeup remover, switching to grapeseed oil will likely take a little getting used. Most nights I welcome a little extra moisture around the eyes but if it bothers you, gently blot your eyes afterwards. Just grab a pair of scissors, cut up a few tissues and keep them in your medicine cabinet–a small square is all you’ll need.

Let me know how you like it!

Beauty products: Any natural products you use and love?

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  • I’ve used grapeseed oil to remove makeup,worked beautifully. My eyes did not love Coconut oil so much. It felt irritated and,got red,sort of like sandpaper.I’d keep it away from my eye area.

  • Love the idea since I’m getting older and the eyes could use the extra moisture, but concerned about contact lenses. Oil can linger on the lashes even after washing in the am, no? Have a bottle of grapeseed oil in the fridge too!

    • Hi Karen! You’re right, the oils do linger a bit on the lashes so I’d probably only use it at night after you take your contacts out. This way you’ll have clean, moisturized skin around the eyes, ready for makeup in the morning!

      • Oh, that’s when I would, but wondering if it would still linger post shower in the am??? Definitely can’t try until I get a new stock of lenses. Down to counting the days I have left ;P

  • I helped my mom package the coconut oil/sugar scrub she made for a friend’s baby shower and I got to take home the leftovers. (there are recipes ALL over pinterest & the web) Works great to gently exfoliate, but because of the coconut oil it’s soft enough I can shave my legs with it too! I didn’t end up with the tub of coconut oil, but I might have to try some of the other uses for it since I love it so far. It can be heavy, so for me – best in the winter and on legs/knees/elbows, not face.

  • I love this idea. I haven’t read Jessica Alba’s book yet but I am trying to be more conscious of the chemical laden beauty products.

    I’ve been using the Yes to wipes to remove my makeup but I bet your version is so much cheaper. I also love Alba Botanica’s Acnedote Scrub. It has worked wonders for preventing breakouts.

    • I bought some of those Yes wipes for when I travel. And yes, grapeseed oil is definitely cheaper than any store-bought wipes. Plus there’s the added bonus of grabbing the bottle for cooking when you run out of your kitchen supply!

  • I love this idea! I go through so many of those makeup remover wipes and half the time I feel like they don’t even work that well for removing eye makeup. I have some coconut oil at home, I’m definitely going to try this tonight.

  • I’ve used coconut oil as a makeup remover (and lotion/deodorant, etc.) for months! It’s the best. I love that one product can replace so many! It’s totally streamlined what I keep on hand in my bathroom. No complaints at all.

  • You’re the second person I know who uses natural oils as eye makeup remover. Definitely going to have to give it a try tonight I think!