a few favorites

A few favorites nutritionella

DIY burner covers. An awesome way to maximize that teeny-tiny kitchen space. I’d love one made from this dreamy chopping board. (The Kitchn)

52 lists. Loving the idea of a weekly list of self-reflection–especially having a collection of 52 at the end of the year that can be bound and kept as a momento. (Moorea Seal)

DIY marble top table. Obsessed with this table. Especially the fact that it was heinously 80s before the marble slab. (Weekday Carnival)

Calendar printable. A beautiful yet simple 2014 calendar printable that will look fabulous at my desk. And it’s free. (Jasmine)

That jacket. I want it. Badly. Thankfully it’s not available in my size & that color because my coat collection is already out of hand considering San Francisco is 65 degrees year round. Maybe it’ll be back in stock by the time I get my ski home with large cedar closet. (Brooklyn Blonde)

Homemade peanut sauce. I quite possibly could put peanut sauce on everything but this leaves me craving bowl of rice noodles, bean sprouts and broccoli topped with seared steak. (Food52)

Parmesan broth. Why have I never thought of this amazing soup base? Looks especially amazing with kale and white beans. (Smitten Kitchen)

DIY marble tray. I’m apparently going through a DIY & all things marble phase. My mom tried to pawn off a small slab of marble on me over the holidays and I regrettably passed it up. Guess I’ll be begging her to send me that hunk of rock through the mail! (Almost Makes Perfect)

Spinach chips. Because kale’s been getting all the love lately. And they just look tasty, don’t they? (Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth)

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