15 Beautiful Desktop Wallpapers

As it turns out, life as a pregnant lady has been way busier than I ever anticipated. While I spent most of my first trimester asleep (or wishing I could be), my second trimester was a complete whirlwind in the sense that I crammed in about as much activity and travel as humanly possibly for a pregnant lady.

Recently it seems whatever free time and creative energy I have left after a busy work week goes right into getting organized for our little one, who is due in just 8 short weeks. Actually, make that 7 weeks and 2 days… Oh, my. I must have about 20 blog posts in process that I just haven’t gotten around to finishing, including a 2nd trimester recap, numerous recipe posts, a how-to on taking beautiful silhouette pregnancy photos as well as a before-and-after of the guest room-turned-nursery, which is essentially still just a catch-all for baby stuff at the moment.

While I haven’t been doing a whole lot of writing lately, I have been working on getting more organized before the baby arrives and all hell breaks loose. I figure it’s now or never for purging closets, rearranging cabinets, even tidying up the files on my computer. While trying to clear some of the clutter from my desktop the other day, I fell into a rabbit hole perusing hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful desktop wallpapers on Pinterest–some of which can even help keep you organized.

Here are some of my faves:

Pretty Wallpapers


Flowering Cacti | Design*Sponge


Dots | Design Love Fest


Potted Succulents | Oh So Lovely


Black and White Frills | Ban.Do

pink dots

Pink Watercolor Dots | cardstore

Inspirational Wallpapers


Like a Boss | Design Love Fest


Get Shit Done | Oh So Lovely

give it all you got

Give It All You Got | Design Love Fest


Better Than Unicorns | Ban.Do


If It Doesn’t Challenge You It Doesn’t Change You | Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth

Organizer & Calendar Wallpapers


Arrow Organizer | Design Love Fest 


Chalkboard  (with customizable version too!) | Moritz Fine Blog Designs

do what you love

Do What You Love Organizer | Laura James Company

Desktop Wallpapers(1)-09

Geometric Monthly Calendar | Designs By Miss Mandee


Black and White Watercolor Organizer (my current fave) | A Pair and a Spare

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