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Nutritionella workout of the week 6

X-Jumps | Plank | Plie Squat + Upright Row | Speed Skaters | Bicep Curl + Shoulder Press

Hello my dears! Apologies for the lack of action on the blog this week. Between work and dealing with some developer headaches related to the blog rebrand, my intentions of checking in quickly were pushed to the wayside. That doesn’t mean you get to skip this week’s workout though. Nope!

My to-do list is about 3 miles long so I’m taking advantage of the cold, rainy weekend and the hubs being in Sochi for the Olympics to get some serious things accomplished.

On my list:

  • Blog rebranding things including design mock-ups, creating new buttons, new About, Partnership & Features pages
  • Grocery shopping & food prepping for my Valentine’s Day dinner with the girls next week
  • Baking a couple of fresh loaves of Sourdough & experimenting with 2 new recipes to share on the blog
  • Hanging 2 frame walls – this totally intimidates me
  • Test driving a new pair of sweet Reebok running shoes, if the weather cooperates!

I think if I get half of those things accomplished I’ll be in good shape.

Before you get started on this week’s workout, check out that awesome interval timer I included beneath it. How cool? I stumbled upon it while looking for a web-based one while getting my sweat on in the kitchen this afternoon. They also have an app too if you’re looking for a more advanced one with lots of features.

Just a warning, this workout is a toughie–in a kinda good, kinda bad kinda way. Have fun with it and have a fabulous weekend!

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