Simple Savory Breakfast Waffles

So, the little man and I have been a little waffle-obsessed lately. As in, we’ve had them 4 mornings in a row now.

Noah likes his smeared with a little Greek yogurt and strawberry jam. Granted he’s never had one drowned in a puddle of maple syrup but, for now, he doesn’t need to know what he’s missing.

Lately I’ve been loving these simple savory waffles topped with crispy bacon, fresh avocado and a perfectly runny fried egg, though egg in any form would be delicious: poached, scrambled, hard-boiled… you get the idea.

Eggs are quick and easy to cook but here are a few things I do to make this recipe easier and faster for busy mornings:

  • Use a healthy waffle mix. Before Noah was born I made everything from scratch but since then I’ve embraced certain boxed mixes for things like muffins, quick breads and pancakes. For me the convenience and time saved by not having to drag out, measure and clean up bunch of ingredients is worth it. Simple Mills makes some great mixes with only healthy ingredients.
  • Make a big batch of waffles on the weekend and freeze them. Just let them cool on a baking rack for a bit and transfer to a freezer bag, removing as much air from the bag as possible before transferring them to the freezer.
  • Oven-crisp several pieces of bacon or prosciutto in the oven at a time, let it cool and store it in the fridge.
  • Reheat waffles and bacon or prosciutto in the toaster oven for a few minutes while your egg cooks and you prep the avocado.

By doing these simple things you can have a nutritious, energizing breakfast in under 10 minutes, giving you a healthy start to the day. Eggs bring the high-quality protein, avocado adds fiber and healthy fats and the crispy bacon gives this breakfast a little crunch and salty goodness. The waffle provides just the right amount of wholesome carbohydrates to make this an energizing and well-balanced breakfast. It also happens to be the perfect vehicle for catching that delicious, runny yolk.

Did I mention this savory waffle has only 4g of sugar? That’s a huge difference from your typical maple syrup soaked waffle which can have upwards of 30-45 grams of the sweet stuff. Don’t get me wrong — maple syrup-soaked anything is delicious but this is a better everyday breakfast option.

Of course, if sweet and savory is what really gets your tastebuds going, a little maple syrup drizzle on top wouldn’t hurt.

I know from experience.

The folks at Simple Mills recently introduced me to their wonderful collection of mixes made with simple, healthy ingredients. Their pancake & waffle mix, which I used for this recipe, contains just 8 ingredients, all of which you’d be able to pull off the shelves at a grocery store if you were going to make them from scratch. That’s my kinda mix! It’s also gluten-free and paleo-friendly for those of you with certain dietary restrictions. Simple Mills products are available at Whole Foods, Target, Sprouts, Amazon and You can also find other locations using their store locator, too!

Now the fun part where you can win free stuff! Head on over to the Simple Mills blog to enter the #SimpleStart Giveaway for a chance to win a selection of Simple Mills products and a Fitbit Charge 2. 

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A special thanks to Simple Mills for sponsoring this delicious recipe!

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